Our History

Worley L. Sewell Sr. founded Sewell Hardware in 1924, and he opened his first store in Downtown West Palm Beach. When the 1928 Hurricane destroyed the original building, the store moved up the road to a new Clematis location, where it would remain for nearly eight decades.

As South Florida developed, Mr. Sewell expanded the company by opening new locations along the coast. Before long, Sewell hardware was operating in four growing cities: West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Riviera Beach, and Fort Pierce.

In the 1950's Sewell Hardware's second generation family ownership began to take charge of the growing business. Led by Harold Brown and Worley Sewell Jr., this generation continued Sewell Hardware's tradition of serving and fulfilling the hardware needs of the communities in South Florida. By 1985, the company owned and operated eight stores spanning from Melbourne to Boca Raton.

Now a third generation family owned business, Sewell Hardware is still guided by the mission of its founder. Now under the leadership of Harold "Chap" Brown Jr., Sewell Hardware remains committed to providing customers with exceptional service and high quality products.